Smart City Plans

Here you will find the three cities Smart City Plans. The documents have been written using the systems thinking methodologies developed throughout the course of the STEEP project.Illustration

STEEP Smart City Plans

Donostia / San Sebastian Smart Plan 2016-2020

This document synthesizes the Donostia / San Sebastián Smart Plan and an Action Plan for the period 2016-2020 and meets two main goals: On the one hand, establishing a strategic line with shared goals and, on the other hand, giving coherence and coordination to the public action, capitalizing on all actions carried out from different Municipal Departments and Public Corporations of the City Council.

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Executive Summary of Florence's Smart City Plan (version July 2015)

Florence has chosen to develop a strategic plan whose targets summarise all the efforts and the policies the administration has already adopted (SEAP – 2020) or is going to adopt in the very next future (COP21 – 2030). This document gives an overview those efforts and policies.

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Bristol’s Smart City Energy Plan

Bristol’s approach was to draw on the STEEP methodology to produce a plan which focuses on tackling the threat of global climate change through the sustainable generation and use of energy. The Bristol Climate and Energy Security Framework includes a strategy and action plan which sets out existing commitments, progress to date against these and what more must be done to meet them. Future actions to be led or enabled by Bristol City Council are defined as well as a broader range of initiatives which are in progress across the city.

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